SATF Creates Student Yoga Instructional Videos for HealthCorps

Studio At The Farm was called in to produce instructional videos to help High School Students learn Fitness/Yoga in the classroom. The videos were made for HealthCorps which is an organization founded by Dr. Oz and his wife Lisa.

In total, there are 3 main sequence videos posted(Energize, Focus, & Calm) along with a quick intro.

A special thanks to the students of Portland, Oregon’s Benson High School for doing an excellent job and making the project fun. Also a thanks to HealthCorps Coordinator, Amy Barras for working out the details of this project and for creating something unique with High School Students and allowing us to be apart of it.

We had a good time not only getting the needed footage in Portland but also bringing the edit back to the studio to create custom sound tracks for each separate sequence.

Visit the fitness tab here to view the videos.