Live At The Farm
Live at the Farm

Whether you’re a touring group with a growing fan base or a newer solo act starting out, we’ve got you covered with our Live At The Farm service. Showcase your live musical abilities and original songs with our cutting edge service aimed at helping you grow your fanbase on the web.


What is LATF?
A Studio At The Farm specialty service open to bands and solo artists nationwide. We record original performances live in our studio with multiple cameras and professional audio gear, capturing your performance for audio and video. You then receive a pro audio mix and a creative video edit synced to your live performance.


Why Live At The Farm?
Make Live At The Farm your jam destination while on tour. Touring is without a doubt the traditional path to discovery as a band or artist, however it can be costly and difficult to plan for independent artists. LATF is a cost effective way to bring your live performance home for new fans you otherwise would not reach.

We approach each LATF differently depending on your vision and the style. We hope to help serious touring bands reach new heights as well as help our local music community by creatively working with each group to create quality LATF videos for your fans to watch.


How does it work?
With our professional gear and creative engineering skills, we strive to create a unique experience for each live session. Record one track or an entire live album, either way you receive a quality live mix that caters to the specific sound of your music and live performance. It gets even better when we sync your professionally mixed audio track to an HD video using our experienced camera crew and video editor. Once the video is finalized to your approval, you are ready to showcase your style and sound to the world using your very own Live At The Farm performance in the form of a web ready video.

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