Studio At The Farm's Web Ready Video Service

Web Ready Video Service


Order Studio At The Farm's Web Ready Video & Audio Service For Your Business.

Let us grow your business with the use of creative, web-ready videos to showcase your company's products, menu items, and unique services!
Grow Your Business and Tell Your Story. We are a small business in Gilbert doing BIG things for our surrounding local business owners.

Product Description

Here’s what you get:
An endless potential of web views & impressions on your major social media sites(facebook, linkedin, youtube, vimeo, email)
*A no hassle, web-ready video link to instantly promote and share with the world
*An original produced audio track by Studio At The Farm’s very own recording duo
*Green & eco friendly business promotion
*Creative camera work and editing based on your style & preference
*A one-time flat fee for everything


We began as an audio only recording studio a few years back. Along the path of working on projects with many talented artists, we developed a strong desire to help our local community by combining audio with video. We believe our studio space, equipment and quality workmanship is exactly what you need if you are a business searching for new ways to showcase your hard work and quality services. We craft each project specifically to your company’s unique style. Our video service is competitively priced against any other forms of business promotion in the area. It’s no secret. In today’s market, videos are the easiest and most effective way to showcase your company. We strive to make your very own web video eye catching and last for many future web impressions.

You can be assured your hard earned dollars are spent well with our service. Sure you can possibly go out and purchase costly editing software, DSLR cameras, audio software, classes and other musical recording gear but wouldn’t it be easier to have Studio At The Farm get it done for you with no hassle? Our turn-around time is quick and you can start promoting your brand new video as soon as you approve it. By the way..our one-time, flat rate sure beats monthly paper ads and door to door flyering costs over time! This is our way of giving back to the hard working business owners of our local community. Join us today and let’s get started on your unique project.