Farm raised beats. Corn fed rhythm.

Audio Services
* Tracking and Mixing
* Engineering and Producing
* Live recordings and creative live mixing
* Live recording with video sync ‘Live at The Farm’
* Songwriting
* Voice-overs /Overdubs
* Original Music & Song Licensing for TV, Film, and Advertising
* Studio musicianship for singer/songwriter artists
* Drum Track Delivery for off-site artists & producers (Read More)

Video Services
* Live recordings
* Film and TV (Foley, ADR, Voice Over, Green Screen )
* Slide Shows & Business Virtual Tours
* Advertising
* Live recording with video sync ‘Live at The Farm’
* Voice-overs
* Overdubs
* Artist & Band documentaries
* Artist & Band photography
* Creative Web-Ready Videos Read More & Buy Now

Please contact us regarding rates, time, booking, and any other inquiries.