YouTube to Dump Indie Artists

We live in an age in which we help build companies to a level of huge success simply by the click of a mouse. Once successful, it is not uncommon to see these mega companies turn their backs on the independent artist and us common folk for the good of their own.

YouTube is founded on home-made style videos of cats jumping off pianos and fat men doing canon balls off diving boards. However, they are also known as a great spot to check out new artists videos.. such as acoustic videos of undiscovered artists, etc. Read HERE on how they are now going to stiff some indie artists and musicians who do not agree to their terms.

Although we do not yet know the exact terms of the agreement YouTube would make artists such as Radiohead agree to, we can see from this article that it is enough to cause a stink among the artists who have helped build YouTube to its current stature with the use of indie style videos from hard working independent artists. What are your thoughts on this move from YouTube?

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Post by: KC B